Position: Accounts Manager

Job type: Full Time, Permanent

Experience: 5 - 7 years

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Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide Support to Internal and External Billing Customers/PayersEducate external customers/payers on payment options, billing information (e.g., where to send payment; when invoices are due; information contained on invoices), and/or services (e.g., eService; Invoice Inquiry), as appropriate
  • Inform customers/ payers of billing problem/issue findings and resolution as appropriate
  • Contact external customers/payers to keep them informed of outstanding balances and required payment, as appropriate
  • Conduct training (e.g., on-line demonstration; ULearn; knowledge base; invoice inquiry) with internal and/or external customers/payers (e.g., new account managers; new sales staff; pricing teams) on how to access, review, and/or remit payment for invoices
  • Collaborate with internal partners (e.g., brokers, account managers) and/or external customers/payers to resolve customer issues
  • Provide requested reports and documents (e.g., invoices; payment histories; 5500 Forms Schedule A/C) to internal and/or external customers/payers (e.g., brokers; account managers)
  • Create and/or distribute documentation to inform internal and/or external customers/payers of new processes, procedures, or general changes to billing operations
  • Input information and/or determine appropriate medical codes from relevant resources (e.g., EMR; physician documentation) in order to generate claims for payment
  • Ensure accurate processing and completion of denied claims
  • Analyze/ Resolve/ Reconcile Billing IssuesReceive billing issues/ information (e.g., enrollment; contract language; pricing; explanation of medical benefits) and gather relevant data to resolve
  • Seek assistance from internal partners (e.g., Sales; Plan Changes; Contract Installation; Underwriting; Clinics; Contracting; Credentialing) and/or external stakeholders (e.g., individual customers/payers; brokers) to resolve billing issues
  • Analyze relevant information to determine potential reasons for billing discrepancies
  • Ensure/verify source data is valid for billing and that it will be submitted to correct payer
  • Reconcile discrepancies identified within customer invoices/billing and reports
  • Demonstrate understanding of business partners’ operations in order to identify appropriate resources for support and information
  • Generate and/or distribute reports and documentation (e.g., billing statements) to external customers/payers to inform them of premium balances
  • Perform queries on relevant systems (e.g., PeopleSoft; Access; Great Plains; CareTracker; Platinum; Micro Strategies; eCW) to gather data needed to analyze billing discrepancies and issues
  • Review/resolve claim edits prior to submission
  • Communicate with business partners to identify and mitigate areas of risk
  • Analyze Accounts Receivable and DSO data to identify material items that will have the most impact on Accounts Receivable balance reduction
  • Provide data to business partners to allow tracking of progress on targets and plans
    • Comply with the terms and conditions of the employment contract, company policies and procedures, and any and all directives (such as, but not limited to, transfer and/or re-assignment to different work locations, change in teams and/or work shifts, policies in regards to flexibility of work benefits and/or work environment, alternative work arrangements, and other decisions that may arise due to the changing business environment). The Company may adopt, vary or rescind these policies and directives in its absolute discretion and without any limitation (implied or otherwise) on its ability to do so
      • Required Qualifications:

        • Commerce degree (B.com/ M.com/ MBA)
        • 5+ years experience in business, involving Analyze/ Resolve/Reconcile Billing Issues
        • Intermediate (or higher) level of Microsoft Excel proficiency, including creating pivot tables for reporting purposes and completing V-lookups
        • Understanding of Order to Cash cycle
        • Open for evening shifts - :15:30 to 01:00 (late night shift 17:45 to 03:30 during closing period)

        Preferred Qualifications:

        • Accounting, Finance or related field
        • Accounting background
        • Experience in billing invoicing .
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        Deadline: 05-04-2024

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