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Updated:April 21, 2022
Location:Tamil Nadu, India
Organization:Financial Services

Job Description:
1) Job Purpose:Write the purpose for which the job exists (in 2-3 lines)(Max 1325 Characters)

To effectively contribute towards building the asset of the Mortgages Division by marketing/ selling targeted Home Loan products and solutions to potential and existing customers at targeted yields. Ensure client and channel acquisition through effective networking, organizing local area programs, direct builder network and cross selling through group systems (ABMM/ABG group companies).

2) Dimensions:
Mention quantitative or qualitative parameters that are relevant for the job and provide a better understanding of the scope and scale of the job.

Business Workforce Number
(Max 254 Characters)

Unit Workforce Number
(Max 254 Characters)

Function Workforce Number
(Max 254 Characters)

Department Workforce Number
(Max 254 Characters)

Other Quantitative and Important Parameters for the job: Budgets/ Volumes/No. of Products/Geography/ Markets/ Customers or any other parameter

3) Job Context & Major Challenges:
Write the specific aspects of the job that provide a challenge (internal and external) to the jobholder in the context of the Business/Unit/Function/Department/Section((Max 3975 Characters)

As the debt arm of Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (ABFSG), Aditya Birla Finance Limited (ABFL) offers specialized lending and financing solutions in the areas of Capital Markets, Corporate/ Trade Finance, Commercial Real Estate and Mortgages. Currently ranked within the top 25 NBFCs of India, we have made significant progress and our balance sheet at INR 15,000 Cr plus exceeds that of several mid-sized Banks and NBFCs.
A well established brand and top 3 player in the Capital Markets space, today our product suite comprises of a well-diversified look, with equal weightage and focus given to the 3 lines of business. Having seen a y.o.y cumulative growth of 50% in both top-line and bottom line, sustainable profitability continues to be the key management agenda.
The company has a well-defined vision of being one of the most reputed and material financiers within the lending space – spread across both retail HNI and corporate clientele. We have made significant investments in our process and system infrastructure towards preparing for the next level of growth and are one of the only financial entities certified for ISO 9001:2008 across all our business processes. Spread across 18 cities, we plan on further diversifying our risk and revenue mix through expansion into new geographies and new product segments allowing our customers a one-window shop for all their financing needs.

Mortgage lending encompasses a wide variety of financing solutions for clients, ranging from vanilla Home Loans and Loan against property, to more complex Lease Rental discounting, Commercial Purchase and Construction Finance lending. Financing solutions are provided to Self-Employed [professionals/ non-professionals/ salaried] against a wide array of lending programs, each of which aims to estimate the client’s repayment capability accurately before the company to take an exposure. The lending program requires assessing clients on various dimensions, including income, repayment behaviour, stability of income/ residence, profile, collateral [valuation, marketability], ownership structure of business and the property and many others.

Loan approvals entail a good mix of profile checks, balance sheet lending and collateral assessment. An in-depth understanding of the customer’s business model, customers & suppliers, success factors and dependencies needs to be taken into account given these are long term exposures [ranging upto 15 – 20 years]. The financials are assessed to understand the repayment capability in the near and long term. Collateral assessment is another complex part of the underwriting process involving checking the structural stability, marketability, valuation, regulatory / local body compliance and legal veracity – all to ensure the property can be liquidated to repay the loan if required in case of customer default.

Lending is often structured to meet the client needs by deriving comfort through the hard collateral [can be a ready or under-construction property / project] and cash flows [in form of rentals, or project cash-flows – both against sold/ unsold receivables].

In construction finance, underwriting focuses not on the balance sheet but significantly on the project and the promoter group. Assessment here involves understanding the previous track record of the builder in terms of quality and timeliness of completion, saleability of projects, track record with other lenders and no. of projects delivered in the past. Project monitoring and end use of funds disbursed are critical here given risks around funds being used elsewhere, sale receivables not coming to the lender as a repayment and so on. Prudent customer selection is critical and is highly dependent on a relationship manager’s market awareness and client background information.

Being one of the most preferred asset classes in the lending space today lends this business the immense challenge of competing with all FIs / banks in a highly price sensitive target segment.

The main challenges faced by this profile include keeping abreast of the latest market scenario, converting a potential lead into a client against competition by a thorough understanding of the client requirement and effective selling skills.

The critical skill sets that this profile requires are communication, negotiation skills, high customer & target orientation, a strong local network & ability to perform in a team. The education & experience required to fulfil this profile are a Graduate/ Post-Graduate or an MBA with minimum 3-5 yrs of experience in the Mortgage lending division or Home loans division of a Bank/ NBFC

4) Key Result Areas:
Writethe key results expected from the job and the supporting actions for each of these key result areas (For a majority of jobs typically there could be 4- 7 key result areas)- Maximum 10 KRAs can be updated

Key Result Areas (
Max 1325 Characters)

Supporting Actions
(Max 1325 Characters)

Undertake new client acquisition and manage their retention, ensuring growth in business volumes

  • Develop the mortgage lending business at the ground level by acquiring new clients and gaining repeat business and references from existing clients
  • Carry out regular meetings and sales calls with prospective clients from the real estate sector on a daily basis to source business
  • Ensure acquisition of the right profile of customers by sourcing customers based on relevant surrogates as per the segmentation norms
  • Provide inputs to the regional head on competitor activity and new market developments in the local area
  • Undertake cross-selling and up-selling of various financial services products and loans to increase fee and other income
  • Actively participate in initiatives and contests driven by Business Development teams

Ensure effective channel management at the local level, interacting with customers and influencers to grow the mortgage lending business

  • Conduct meetings with real estate agents, home builders, real estate developers, attorneys, professional organizations, bankers, direct sales associate, channel partners etc in the real estate sector in the designated area of operations to source new business opportunities
  • Ensure on-boarding of the DSAs, DSTs, Brokers and other channel partners
  • Ensure timely payouts and resolution of queries raised by channel partners

Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by understanding and addressing customer needs and issues on a continuous basis

  • Retain and manage existing client relationships through faster TAT & effective client servicing
  • Periodically review client requirements and monitor the relationship from initiation to closure; provide necessary feedback to the head office
  • Ensure that client promises are kept and their grievances are adequately addressed and escalated to senior management where necessary
  • Follow the standardized sales process and documentation norms for quick and compliant closure of clients requests

Ensure compliance with policies and processes, providing all relevant documentation and support to the Risk & Operations teams

  • Ensure compliance with all critical procedures and processes, both internally as well as externally (regulatory) defined
  • Ensure the collection and submission of accurate documentation required for credit analysis
  • Coordinate with the credit risk team for pre- and post-sanction activities such as execution of documentation and sanction of loan proposals
  • Coordinate with the operations team for pre- and post-sanction activities such as disbursements and handling of deviations during the credit life cycle
  • Ensure compliance with the risk and credit lending norms in referring loans for new customers and extending loans for current customers; monitor and support the collections team in recovery of NPAs
  • Coordinate with market intermediaries like banks and distributors for smooth operations

Maintain MIS data at a local level, generating reports to ensure better risk management and customer service and communicating these to senior management

  • Send detailed periodic activity and sales reports to the reporting manager, ensuring updation of MIS databases related to case status and issues
  • Monitor PDDs and subsequent collection and submission to the risk or operations teams
  • Undertake Approved Project Funding (APF) and Approved Disbursement Funding (ADF) activities for faster and smoother penetration in the segment, monitor such projects for progress, sales and other relevant
  • Monitor the status of non-starter cases and coordinate subsequent efforts for the recovery of the dues
  • Closely monitor delinquent cases and take all necessary steps to achieve collection of dues

5) Job Purpose of Direct Reports:
Describe the job purpose of the direct report/s to the job (in 2-3 lines for each report)


6) Relationships:
Describe the nature and purpose of most important contacts or relationship (except superior/team members) with individuals, departments, organizations inside and outside of the organization, that job is required to interact with in order to deliver the job objectives

Relationship Type (
Max 80 Characters)FrequencyNature (Max 1325 Characters)


  • Regional Manager / Asst Regional Manager

  • Credit Risk team

  • Operations Team

  • Key accounts manager

  • Daily

  • Daily

  • Daily

  • Daily

  • New client development, deal closures, market trend analysis, new market potential
  • Loan proposals, documentation execution, loan sanctions
  • Timely disbursements, monitoring for any deviations
  • Lead generation, cross selling, market & competitive intelligence, coordination with group companies


  • Group & Non-group clients

  • Professionals from peer group companies

  • Daily

  • Need based

  • Customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation
  • Lead generation, referrals, market & competitive intelligence


Minimum Experience Level:
8-12 Years

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Deadline: 17-01-2024

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