Position: Entry level

Job type: Full-time

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  • Collaborate with the Creative Strategist to brainstorm and generate innovative video concepts.
  • Develop engaging narratives aligned with the Line of Communication (LOC) and insights.
  • Translate ideas into visually compelling and detailed storyboards for animation.
  • Define visual look through concept sketches, composition, and staging.
  • Work with Lead Motion Designer to refine and enhance storyboards.
  • Ensure narrative and visuals reflect the core message of LOC.
  • Conduct thorough research for data-driven storytelling.
  • Enhance creative strategies through competitor research.
  • Incorporate feedback and iterate on storyboards.
  • Provide creative solutions to elevate impact and engagement.
  • Manage multiple projects, delivering high-quality storyboards.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, Animation, Film, or a related field is a plus.
  • 3+ years experience as a Storyboard Artist, Visualiser, or similar role within the creative industry.
  • Proficient in digital tools and software for storyboard creation and visualization.
  • Strong understanding of marketing narratives, pacing, and visual storytelling techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate and articulate creative ideas.
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to capture the essence of ideas and concepts through visuals.
  • Creative problem-solving skills to provide innovative solutions in line with creative goals.
  • Knowledge of mobile games and digital marketing is a plus.

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Deadline: 21-12-2023

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