Position: Sales Executive/Officer

Job type: Full Time, Permanent

Experience: 1 - 6 years

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Main Purpose:

This position will be responsible to work and act as catalyst / Intermediater between the member/MPP and the company at the village level in line with addressing the member grievances/ issues and ensuring good quality of milk collection at the MPP level.

Job Responsibilities: (listed in order of priority)

1. Field visit of MPP as per the scheduled plan.

2. Responsible for Ensuring timely delivery of Quality milk from MPP (Milk Pooling Point- Village Level) to BMC, through regular route monitoring as per targets & schedule.

3. Responsible for field training/activities and meetings at the village level, etc.

4. To create awareness among the members.

5. To ensure & manage the financial recovery of variance/destroyed milk from MPP.

6. Maintaining Cordial relations with stakeholders, sahayaks, Members,MRG,VCG, route contractors, etc.

7. To Conduct VCG meetings at all MPPs of the territory on monthly basis.

8. Identify potential new pourers which can be converted into members of MPC.

9. Identification and isolation of members who are pouring lower quality milk.

10. Responsible for new MPP formation as per target allotted.

11. Provide assistance in installing the equipment at the MPP levels.

12. Ensuring timely Calibration of all measuring Equipment and maintaining its records at MPP.

13. Responsible to Ensure that the payments are being done to the correct member account.

14. SOP Implementation at MPP Level.

15. To coordinate for Training of new Sahayaks as well as refresher training of old Sahayaks.

16. Any other work assigned from time to time.

17. Finalization of milk route Km as per plan certification.

18. Rescheduling of milk route.

19. Ensuring auto collection at MPP by controlling manual entries

20. To attain members/sahayak grievances following a proper timeline.

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