Position: Entry level

Job type: Full-time

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  • Reporting to the Director.
  • Supervising day to day operations and managing the team without hiccups.
  • Design, Implement and improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission.
  • Play a significant role in long-term planning, including an initiative geared towards operational excellence.
  • Manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services, colleagues and team members.
  • Establish departmental responsibilities, and coordinate functions among departments.
  • Implement corrective action plans to solve departmental problems.
  • Supervise and coach employees/supervisors on a periodical basis.
  • Review reports submitted by staff members in order to recommend approval or to suggest changes.
  • Regular meetings with Seniors about business planning.
  • Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards.
  • Follow the policies of the company so to increase the goodwill of the Company.

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