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Job Purposeand Scope:

Responsible for working on enhancing the germplasm to deliver high TXC/Lutein rich Marigold hybrids at competitive costs

y Accountabilities

  • Maintain the germplasm & characterize them for required traits in tune with breeding objectives.
  • Germplasm maintainence and update record keeping
  • Ensure timely implementation of crossing program
  • Ensure standardization of parental and hybrid seed production techniques
  • Maintain field records for line development breeding and seed production
  • Ensure optimum utilization of resources like land, agriculture inputs and labor
  • Manage molecular marker development activities for traits of interest viz., TXC, Lutein, disease resistance etc.,
  • Manage plant sample collection for in-house and outsourced lab activities
  • Collect & complete data, perform statistical analysis and report the results on regular basis
  • Manage the marigold breeding program within the mandated budget
  • General Upkeeping and hygiene in field operations
  • Involve and Manage MLTs at various geographies. Travelling to MLT locations
  • Operation Support at R&D location

PH. D in Genetics and Plant Breeding

Experience:4-8 years of experience in crop cultivation and field work for breeding

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Deadline: 01-01-2024

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