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IDP Education Limited is an ASX listed company that is 50% owned by 38 Australian universities and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. IDP’s core business lines include student placement to Australia, US, UK, Canada and New Zealand institutions, English-language testing and training.

We are setting out to be the world’s leading platform and connected international student community through building tons of new products to put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

For over 50 years our global network of 93 offices has been helping students to achieve their goals through studying abroad. By pursuing a global education at the beginning of their careers, we help them experience life-changing opportunities. For more than 5,000 employees in more than 50 countries, IDP Education is a specialist employer of choice in major cities across the globe.

If you share our passion in helping people to pursue their dreams through education and thrive in an innovative agile digital culture then come and join us as we undergo our digital revolution.


IDP has completed the first phase of its digital transformation which has directly contributed to the massive acceleration in the world’s leading Edu-Tech business helping students fulfil their lifelong learning opportunities at the world’s top universities.

Our transformation journey is far from complete and we have an exciting range of interesting Software Development projects using IDPs existing Event Driven Architecture and Micro service patterns in AWS. Our Project Backlog includes building out our Event Driven Architecture; building number of event driven micro service based applications in AWS, Data Lake and Analytics projects and utilizing Sage Maker AI and Machine Learning.

We have an exciting opportunity for a hands-on, full stack technologist to play a critical role in IDPs Innovation agenda. You’ll be someone who thrives the development of modern software. You’ll have an extensive toolbox of software development skills, you naturally produce clean code that is maintainable and performant.

You’ll be someone who gets a kick out of being a critical member of a high performing team, personally producing outcomes that accelerates IDPs agenda to support students in their life-long study journey. We do great stuff here at IDP.

Upcoming projects:

  • AWS Micro service Pub Sub Integration Architecture deployment. We’ve started this journey, and it is going well. The business is excited by what IT have delivered and want to extend it fully.
  • AWS Event Driven Architecture. We have a fantastic digital platform that tells us about Events that occur throughout our business. Via our Pub Sub integration work we begun capturing these Events and have delivered the first full stack application in this space.
  • IDP has delivered version 1 of its Mobile App which puts a huge amount of information in the hands of students. We have an upcoming project to refactor the back end of this application to utilize our EDA and make it truly Enterprise Grade. There is a raft of enhancements to the entire platform that will continue to differentiate the service IDP provides to its students.
  • We have four very significant application development projects lined up to be developed in our AWS Micro service environment. The major aim of our business is to help international students get into the right course – we’ll be exploring AWS ML and AI Sage maker to make this beautiful.
  • Creation of reusable patterns for Database Driven application development using AWS Aurora.
  • Extending further from the AWS foundation of the initial focus on EDA a proof of concept for a Redshift Data lake and Analytics project will commence in the New Year.


We’ll be relying on you to…

Produce High-Quality Clean Code

  • Your code is elegant. You make the complex seem straightforward. You know how to write efficient code that someone else can pick up with ease. You instinctively test your own code and people know they can rely on you, and everything you produce.
  • You’re experienced in Python.
  • You know how to adopt patterns and utilize these across your development. If you identify an opportunity to improve a pattern you are confident in how to relay this. You know the difference between an improvement and just another way of achieving the same outcome.

You have experience in Databases; Take responsibility for Outcomes

  • While a significant part of your role will be to write Python code and utilize AWS Micro Services, the real value you’ll produce will be from really understanding the Outcome required by the Business, and “making it so”. We’re looking for everyone in our team to demonstrate leadership, working together to continuously improve the way we work, and work smarter not harder and continuously increase the value we provide to the business. You’ll be part of this.
  • You love technology, are continuously learning and extending your knowledge of best practice and the business value of technology innovations.
  • As IDP moves from the rush of the first phase of its Digital Transformation, and coming out of the initial stabilization work, there is an increased focus on innovation and quality.

Drive Quality

  • Continuously build on the standards of the team.
  • Ensure that every development adheres to the team’s standards and policies including peer reviews, security, monitoring, testing.
  • Be a passionate evangelist for the team’s goal of “Integration at Speed” at an Enterprise Level of quality. Deliver clean fit-for-purpose code that is fit-for-purpose, scalable, performant, secure, monitored, cost effective and maintainable.

Participate in high-profile Delivery Projects

  • The work we do is important. We help students at a critical phase of their life journey. We do it exceptionally, and yet we’ve got 1000s of ideas on how to do even better. You’ll bring your ability to make the complex seem elegant, drive enhancements rapidly, and at a level of quality that will uplift the entire team.
  • As with most integrated environments, much of our next phase of innovation involves improving and extending integration between our various systems.

Mentor and participate in Team Development

  • As a senior Developer we’d like you to share your skills and experience to develop the team.
  • IDP runs and Academy for recent graduates to morph their education into the direct skills that make them valuable in business. You’ll take one or two of these Academy graduates under your wing and mentor them as they mature into a high-performing Software Developer.

Security and Privacy

  • We don’t triage security – it is always job zero. No code ever moves into production with a known vulnerability. We are entrusted with the personal information of our students, and we take this extremely seriously. With every other member of the team, you’ll be an expert voice in ensuring that Security and Privacy are a fundamental part of every design and deliverable.

Drive Observability & Supportability

  • In addition to the low maintenance code you personally produce you’ll assertively mandate the same from the entire team.
  • Our fleet of Micro services will grow dramatically over the next 6-12 months. You’ll set up processes so that Re-Use is maximized and controlled.

Technology Stack

  • Python, Aurora and ReactJS
  • AWS micro services – Lambda / API Gateway , SQS, SNS
  • SAP Cloud: Hybris Com and Marketing, C4C; Web hooks, ODATA Services
  • Architecture: Micro services, Event Driven, Pub/Sub Model, Data Queues, Data Lake
  • Jira
  • ReactJS
  • Aurora
  • Terraform: Infrastructure as Code, deployment framework
  • Sumo Logic

Essential Requirements

  • Bachelors or Masters in Software Engineering, Computer Science or other relevant discipline.
  • At 3-5 years’ experience in a Software Development role gained in a Software Development team.
  • AWS Certified Developer or DevOps Engineer.
  • You have extensive experience in Software Development – Database, UX, Integration, Code (Python, Java, C# etc.). You can rapidly develop high quality clean code that is performant, resilient, observable and maintainable.
  • You know how to design database objects and will have first-hand experience in developing enterprise-grade applications in Aurora or another Enterprise DB. You know how to design and use both RDMS and NoSQL databases. You can write efficient and clear SQL
  • You have a great understanding of how to utilize CI/CD pipelines to maximize quality in a development team.
  • Experience in REST APIs with JSON
  • At least two years deep AWS Software Development experience. You’ll have a practical understanding of modern development patterns and how clean code is developed. AWS forms a critical component in IDPs Systems of Innovation layer, we are doing great things in this space.
  • A good understanding of micro services and event driven architectures.
  • You’ll have great experience in how to design and implement high quality integrations – particularly de-coupled Pub/Sub.
  • You’ll be assertive in the implementation of your wide experience in how to create Enterprise Grade solutions that are scalable, secure, performant, observable and low maintenance.
  • Strong communications skills – both written and verbal. You’ll be relied on by leadership and other technical specialists for advice and direction – you must be able to communicate clearly and accurately.
  • You relish opportunities to learn new technologies.
  • A sense of urgency and fundamental commitment to quality.

Desirable Requirements

  • Experience in integrating with SAP or other Enterprise Grade SaaS systems.
  • An understanding of the Education sector
  • Experience in front end development.


IDP Education’s ongoing success comes from our highly committed and caring employees around the globe. We encourage teamwork in order to leverage our people’s diverse talents and expertise through effective collaboration and cooperation throughout our business.
We strive to provide a working environment where people are encouraged to excel, be creative and seek new ways to solve problems, take initiative, generate opportunities and be accountable for their actions.

We believe in developing dynamic, inclusive work places that encourage and celebrate cultural differences and views, and provide opportunities for personal, professional and career development all around the world. We respect diversity in our people: their ideas, work styles and perspectives as well as offering flexibility to ensure employees enjoy a satisfying balance of work and personal life.

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Deadline: 19-01-2024

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