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Job Reference
  • JR00109276
Job Summary
  • Area Manager - Rural Two Wheeler Loan/Senior Area Manager - Rural Two Wheeler Loan
Job Purpose“This position is open with Bajaj Finance ltd.”
  • Achieving & exceeding Business goals and targets for Rural Two Wheeler Loans. Managing & grooming of the team to achieve their respective targets
Job Duties & Key Responsibilities
  • Duties and Responsibilities -
  • Achieving & exceeding Business goals and targets for Rural Two Wheeler Loans
  • Creating a strong & compliant sales culture to drive business.
  • Sales Force Management data management and efficient use of call center leads
  • Dealer visit along with sales manager/FOS
  • Portfolio management – 99% zero bucket collections
  • Maintaining FEMI at 9% across location & span
  • Monthly 5 days location travel
  • Ensure teams adherence to sales governance & compliance processes
  • Adherence to customer delivery TAT
  • Ensure implementation of promotional plans & contests and suggesting new and innovating promotion plan for the area of work.
  • Recruiting and Retaining high performers.
  • Team management & Grooming of the team to achieve their respective targets
  • Managing the Delinquency of the business sourced to ensure health of portfolio
  • Excel & power point presentation knowledge & skills
  • Daily review with ABSM regarding projections / activity plan for the day
  • Reviews with ABSM on projection verses delivery daily to spur planning for the next day
  • Ensures execution of the defined activity plan for customer visits by the team during the day
  • Assists in Collections in HTS cases for buckets X and 1 as well as higher buckets
  • Provides feedback to under-performing team members - seeks to understand causes to provide timely and appropriate inputs and support
  • Nominates team members for reward and recognition commensurate with their achievements; Appreciates team members appropriately in internal forums as relevant
  • Resolves issues regarding documentations
  • Decides on approaching customers of risk-prone geographical areas and profiles and to stop approaching specific profiles based on delinquency patterns
  • Plans for business expansion - identifies and maps new areas including fraud likelihoods derives projections; Shares and discusses with branch teams and ASSCs - takes inputs to make action plans clear; Shares projections action plans and budgets with RSM seeking approval
  • Cascades finalised plans received from RSM to the team - derives aligned short-term performance benchmarks such as DRR; Plans with team to achieve them
  • Periodically monitors team on productivity metrics and assists in resolving their issues; Monitors month on month productivity WIRR Insurance penetration CC and CW lead penetration
  • Shortlists from among initial candidate lists makes recommendations of known candidates; Conducts initial interview with shortlisted candidates providing comments as per format and recommendations
  • Reviews and discusses achievement with team periodically; Conducts mid-year and annual performance review per team member providing feedback for their improvement 4. MAJOR CHALLENGES (Challenges faced on an on-going basis in carrying out the job)
  • Team Management
  • Retention of front line sales force
  • Maintaining consistent delivery of high performance
  • Attrition (on roll & off roll)
Required Qualifications And Experience
  • Education Graduation / MBA Experience & Skills  Graduation with 4 to 6 years and MBA with 3-4 years of relevant experience  Demonstrated success & achievement orientation.  Strong analytical skills to drive channel performance and drive profitability  Strong bias for action & driving results in a high performance environment.  People & Relationship Management skills  Excellent Communication and Negotiation Skills  Affirmative in nature, Strong Leadership Skills, Clarity of thought and perseverance.
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